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The Dream Diary of Clare Scammell

Epic Epic Zombies February 12, 2011

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Another zombie dream i know! But like I say, I can’t help what i dream haha!

Starts with me in my University halls. The rooms are laid out in a long corridor of 10. Every door is on the right hand side as you come in. The corridor is split by a door in the middle, and there are 5 rooms either side. The boys corridor and the girls corridor. The door in-between isnt locked though. Each side of the girls and boys corridor has its own front door leading down some stairs to ground level

I’m in the boy’s side for some reason, i think the toilets on the girl’s side were broken so I braved the boy’s side. As i walked round the corner toward the toilet and past the front door, i see there is a man – a student, just stood there facing the door. I stop and look, he looks drunk. I laugh and run back round the corridor to alert the rest of my housemates so we can all have a giggle at the drunk guy stood in out porch at midday. Stood there with the door open laughing at the drunk guy was me, Tom, Becky, Ben and Adam.

“Hellloooooooo… Are you alright?!” I shout at him. I frown. “Er guys, have you seen his face? And his eyes?! Theyre like bloody and weird..”

“Fuckkkkk he must have had a rough night”  Tom says and everyone laughs except me.

“No seriously, look at him” I say again. We all go silent. The “drunk” guy slowly lifts his greasy looking head up and looks at us. We notice that he’s actually dribbling. But not just any old dribble, he is dribbling blood.

“Shiitt..Okay what is wrong with his eyes? What’s wrong with his eyes!” Becky says worryingly.

We are all rooted to the spot. Crazy guy cocks his head, again slowly, and we all know that kind of stare. A chill goes down my spine. Adam whispers “No one move.. I feel like he will chase us if we do” We all shuffle the weight from our feet from side to side. We all just want to shut the door and run but we know Adam is right. I can’t stand there any longer. I take one last look at the bloody crazy man and bolt. I bolt into the nearest toilet and as I do I hear the commotion of the crazed man breaking his way in through the door and chasing my housemates. I instantly regret my decision to run here and leave my housemates but I feel a lot safer knowing i have a lock separating me and it.

I can hear doors slamming then silence. I can do nothing more but sit, wait and to be honest.. calm myself down!  I sit on the toilet floor. In films you always see people putting a mirror under the door to check if the “coast is clear” but im now realising the impracticability of it all. It’s not as though I can smash the mirror on the wall and use that, because then the coast wouldn’t be clear as id be attracting more attention to myself. Instead I lay down on my stomach and press my head as far as i can on the floor. Hygienic. Luckily, it being a student residence, the gap between the door and the floor was wonky and half of it was large enough for me to see under. As far as I could tell, I could see nothing of danger. I unlocked the door as quietly as I could and opened the door literally an inch to confirm what I saw under the door. Everything seems as normal as it should. Odd.

Turning the corner from the toilet into the main hallway, i see it. What i was expecting. Blood smeared up the wall, blood stained into the carpet and what’s worse.. A chunk of flesh on the floor. I swallow and look away, looking any longer i may not have had enough physical restraint from being sick. I quickly sprint into my room and lock the room behind me and move a few things in the way of it, just in case. My heart is pounding and i try to find my phone. I spin in circles searching the room frantically, if it was any normal day I would just know where my phone is but today nothing! WHERE IS MY PHONE?! It’s just sat right in front of me in plain view, im so shaken I didn’t notice it for a good 5 minutes. I shakily dial Tim, my boyfriend, and get impatient while it rings. It literally takes about 5 rings but i just need to talk to him. I’m gunna sound so stupid blurting out “tim, there’s a zombie in my corridor” so while it rings I plan a believable story.

“Hello?”  Tim’s answers confused. I don’t usually ring him. He knows it means one of a few options: I’m upset, im outside his house or something is so complicated it can’t be put into a text.

“Uh Tim, I, er, okay ive got to talk to you and you HAVE to take it dead seriously okay!?” And i start to explain what happened this afternoon. Once im done I think Tim is as shaken as i was. I’m a lot better now i have spoken to Tim, but I don’t think Tim is okay. Probably shouldnt have said I nearly got eaten and all..

“You need to come here right now! Fuck. Er, can you get out your room and make it to your car you reckon?”

I contemplate it, I don’t want to risk opening my door. Who knows where the hell that crazy man is. Frankly, im scared shitless by going back out that way. I don’t wanna become what that blood splat is. or was i suppose.

“Uh, I don’t wanna go out the front door.. The height from my windows isn’t too bad. I don’t think ill break anything if i sort of scale myself down the wall”

“Right, well do that, but for fucks sake don’t break anything cause then you wont be able to drive. Or run, which aint good. Okay so get out, get to your car, and get here. Then we can work out what to do. What the hell, zombies don’t even exist! I don’t think anything is happening this way yet, so we should have some thinking time when you get here okay? I love you”

I say bye to Tim and open my window and poke my head out of it. Looks like any other day however no one is about. Thats not too unusual though. I quickly gather a bag together. I think to myself what the hell do i need for some sort of zombie apocalypse? It’s not like i have any weapon or sharp object here in my Uni room. I can fight off zombies with a lamp. yeah. great. I figured nothing useful can go in my bag so i packed it as though i was simply staying at Tims for a night or two, it made me feel better too as if it were any other day i were leaving for Tims. Except i was jumping out a window to do it.

Backpack packed, i look down out my window. Argh. I’m okay with heights but id still rather not do this. Putting my bum first I hold onto the window frame and edge backwards, hands tightening as i let more and more of my weight drop. When I get as low as my arms will allow I take one last look down and then let go. I thud to the floor but land on my feet. I bend my legs as a natural reaction so nothing hurts in particular. Okay, now to get to the car i think. Everything seems normal, but id still much rather be in a lockable vehicle.

I get to my car, open it, sit in, shut door and lock. I exhale and close my eyes. This doesn’t feel real. I open my eyes, start my car and program my phone’s satnav to get to Tim. Before i pull away i check my rear view mirror. I never usually do it, although i should. It was lucky i did. In the distance, running across the field towards the car park are 4 people. They are definitely not running as humans should. I squint and look in my mirror more closely. One is wearing white, its one of the catering staff. Looking a bit closer I see a lot of red standing out on the white. Oh God.  Theyre getting very close now, arms flailing as if off-balance but never falling over and faces with such determination as if nothing will stop them getting toward me and my little car. Enough is enough, i put the clutch down, put my car into first gear and speed out of that situation just as my nerves break. As curious as I am to see what is going on there is no way i am hanging around.

END OF PART 1! (It’s a very long dream so I will write up the remaining half soon, i thought id give your eyes a break!)


Epic Destruction January 27, 2011

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(I’m apologising in advance for the chop and change nature of this dream as I can’t really remember all of it. So ill just write the bits I can!)

It starts with me standing with a few other people in a quayside, or a port type setting. We are standing nearby to where the land ends and then drops into the sea on the docks. Our backs against a wall or a building. Were just chilling, listening to the sea and the birds calling. It’s otherwise deserted, no one is about.

(I want to explain what the port looks like otherwise the next bit probably wont make sense.. I couldn’t find any pictures similar to what my dream looked like so i drew a terrible drawing on paint)


My friends and I were standing at the docks. Like i say just chilling. The house to our right is more like a shed, or an outhouse but bigger. The car, strangely, is a Chevrolet. Metallic black with blacked out windows, and very much new. A complete opposite of the shack its parked outside of.

Were not worried by the quietness of the dock, we know it’s always like this. No one comes down here anyway. The building in front of us is more like a warehouse. This dock used to be some sort of industrial site, now abandoned. It shows from old electrical pylons still left here, they aren’t supplying electricity anymore, but they are of old style. The wires are thick, and the pylons themselves wood.

The sea is quite choppy but not rough, the break sees to that. It is to our left, we can see it curving round to the left before going out of sight.  I watch the waves to my left for a bit, until a noise so loud pierces the calm. I have no idea where it came from, but a missile of some sort flies out from behind the break. It reminds me of the type you see in films that are let loose from helicopters.

It’s a precise shot. It hits one of the pylons. We all duck and cover, the pylons are quite far from us but still close enough to be a danger. The wood cracks and splinters everywhere and with an almighty snap it topples over. It smashes into the next pylon, and the wires joining them gives way. It flings round with a metallic twang and flies over our heads as we jump to the ground just missing it. As it flies round it takes out everything in its path. The windows in the building we were leaning on smashes above our heads as glass shatters around us, the Chevrolet gets the full front of the wires force and half he bonnet is ripped off as the wire hits it. Only a mangled car is left remaining. The rest of the pylons fall and crash to the ground, the last one hits the building nearest to it. It collapses in an almighty boom. and then silence.

We cough and choke on the dust that has risen from the damage. All I can see is a dust cloud.

(cant remember anything from this point on until this bit)

Me and my friends are in a tiny boat. A wooden one you normally see in duck ponds etc. Were wedged by some rocks for cover but were still in rough seas. It seems that we had decided to investigate where the missile had come from. And had definitely found it. Reams of military ships, aircraft carriers and armed speedboats patrolled these waters and we was just sat in our little boat. Frankly, bricking it. Why the hell are all these ships here? I thought. Helicopters whizzed over head threatening our position, with their search lights on flickering in every direction.

(again i cant remember anything again, sorry!)

We somehow called in a friend to get us out of there! We were stuck by the rocks and there was no way we could get out without alerting attention. The method we used however was somewhat odd (and really shows how much of a dream this really is). A guy came along with a sort of jet ski, but on the back of it was a big plastic bubble in a square shape. At the end of the plastic bubble was a floatation device, or blown up air bit that kept it afloat. Our boat went in the square plastic bubble and when the jet ski went off it would pull us along easily behind it. How this was more inconspicuous is beyond me but it seemed to work!


And that’s the random random dream :s


The Jungle Swamp January 25, 2011

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(Just a quick one last night, no epicness! But running up to this bit, i was walking about town and needed to find a shortcut to home and after turning in a side street this is what i find)

The buildings  behind me, once modern, now seem to crumble away before my eyes as I walk further and further down the street.. Soon the road turns to cobbles, the cobbles turn to dirt, the dirt turns to thick grass. The temperature suddenly feels higher, more tropical and its very humid. There is a clear path ahead of me, just grass, with large English trees lining the sides. Its odd, although this looks and feels very tropical, all the shrubbery and nature are English. To my right I hear scrambling, a fox runs across the grassy path and climbs (yes climbs) up a tree. An Oak i think. A squirrel gets annoyed that there is a fox in its tree and I hear its calls of distress as i see the branches and leaves shake a bit as they are obviously chasing each other. I carry on,  I don’t know why I don’t turn back, this obviously ISNT the way home but nevermind. To my right is an expanse of water. Too large for a pond but too small for a lake. The sun reflects off the surface and it sparkles. Lillypads are everywhere.

I was too busy looking at the water to realise the beautiful atmosphere had gone. It was only when an alarmed deer ran past me, hooves thundering, that i realised i was somewhat lost. Turning my back to the water i take in the new view i have: Dead creepy trees are dotted around thousands of sink holes, small ponds are everywhere as far as the eye can see and suddenly it is dark. I can see the fully moon reflecting off the water this time. I spin around on the spot again. There in a tree is a huge Python. I’m not afraid of snakes, my sister owns a pet snake so im more than used to them. I simply admire it for a while. It then notices me. I keep an eye on it, not being totally naive about wild animals and watch as its head moves slowly down the tree trunk. Its body still wrapped round the branch does not seem go down, yet the snake keeps on getting closer and closer.

Woah.. its massive. It’s actually quite scary now. I think to myself.

I edge backwards, I recall how dangerous these snakes can be. It’s not so much their bite, they’re not poisonous or anything like that. But once they have a hold of you, there is little chance you will get away from their grip. Afterall, you ARE their dinner. I soon see the warning sign I didn’t want to see. The s-shaped coil a snake puts its head into just before they are about to strike.


I make a sudden movement and that was it, the snake strikes and misses me by inches. I turn and run. That’s the thing about snakes, everyone thinks they are slow, sleepy creatures. No-one realises when they want to move fast, they bloody can. It strikes again, within seconds of its previous strike and it gets my leg. The sheer size of snake and its weight is shown when i fall to the ground as the snake acts like an anchor to me. I struggle, i shuffle my way back, i scream, nothing works. The snakes mouth is wrapped around my whole calf and nothing i seem to do is making it let go.

^^ Dream ends there, seems to cut off at a funny place but it can’t be helped I suppose lol 🙂


EPIC Prawns!

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(Epic prawns to come – I had this dream way before Zombies and it was one of the first epic dreams ive had. Its quite long, so when i have time i will write it up.. Watch this space!!!)


EPIC Zombies! January 24, 2011

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(A bit of background detail. Whenever i refer to “I” i am referring to myself. Tim is my lovely boyfriend.. he always seems to show up in a dream every so often!)

Tim and I are inside a very military and clinical looking building. Bright light bounces off the waxed linoleum floor, polystyrene tiles lined the ceiling and walls. Everything was white. We pad cautiously through the hallways, we know were not meant to be in here but we must find what were looking for. There is a large toilet and changing area on the left of one of the hallways, neither of us need the toilet but we figure we should check every room while we have the opportunity.

The room, again, is large. To the left, row upon row of shower cubicles. Directly in front of us are benches with coat hooks for changing and beyond those is a large expanse following the rest of the hallway of toilet cubicles. We take a few steps into the room. Everything looks how it should be, except for a slow but constant drip. drip. drip. Whilst walking further toward the toilet cubicles we realise the floor has a layer of water that has obviously leaked from a toilet or pipe. The water is clean luckily. My thick black boots make ripples in the tiny layer of water. The soles of my boots are thick, reinforced rubber following round to protect my toes yet make no sound whatsoever. We’re here for something important.

Once noticing the water leak we realise something isn’t quite right. We walk cautiously further down the toilet cubicle aisle, checking for any signs of what may have caused the random leak. Then i see it. Blood ripples through the water as we get to the end of the aisle. It makes its way under a cubicle. Tim and I both know what to do, we crouch onto our stomachs and look under the cubicle door. At the back of the cubicle is a drain away area, where an upturned roof tile acts as a tube to cipher away any leaking water. The room is so flooded however, it is not doing its job. Our eyes turn and follow the blood trail to where it originates from… There in the draining area is an arm. A human arm gnawed off at the shoulder-blade. Bones stick out at odd angles, flesh and blood sit and float in the water around it.

We both stand up in shock, and look at each other. Without having any time to think about what to do next we hear noise coming from the only way in – and out of the toilet. 5 men in military uniform are there in front of us. We both just stand there and gawk at each other for a bit, we both don’t really know what to do. That’s when Tim nudges me, gives me a look that lasts only a fraction of a section and we both jolt into action. One of the men is rather large, the rest average build and height. We can easily silence them before they alert anyone else. The men ricochet into action once they see us charging at them. I shoulder into one of the men just missing his elbow and hitting his stomach. In the corner of my eye i see Tim has downed two of the men already, he is better at that than me but I still have no trouble putting my elbow into the man im grappling withs face and he is down as well. While Tim is sorting the last man out, I see the larger guy edge towards me. I think to myself “crap.. hurry up Tim” as i know im no match for him. Tim is taking longer than i needed.. The big man is getting closer to me and he knows he can handle me easily as he is smiling slightly but still has a cold trained expression on his face. I know i cant wait any longer… with the element of surprise i kick him, high in the stomach and it winds him. He falls backwards and hits his head on a sink behind him with an almighty crack. He falls to the ground, head bleeding. Silence.

I stand over the mans body. I don’t know if he is dead or not, either way i was not trained to kill and I didn’t like the prospect. Tim comes over to me and grabs me.

“What the fuck are you doing, come on! We have to go!”

We jog over to the door. I failed to notice before but the door is oddly, thick steel. It looked like it was a door from a nuclear bunker. Tim stops and looks at it:

“Hmm… that’s odd for a toilet…”

With no more than a second after Tim had spoken the door had snapped shut and a loud mechanical grind told us that the door was locked and we were not getting out. No alarm goes off but something tells us that something good isn’t going on.


We turn round and scan the room for alternate ways out. There has to be some sort of vent around here to climb out.. There’s not. The same clinical coldness we first witnessed dawned on us.. Maybe were not in a toilet after all. We didn’t have much time to think. We didn’t realise how little until the most shocking event of all made itself clear. The man i had “killed” got back up. His eyes are bloodshot, his actual pupils are dark red almost black in colour. His skin looks clammy, and has a yellowish tinge. He looks almost out of it, that is until he lays eyes on me. I don’t know if it was a trigger from before, or just because he was crazy but I did not want to stand about. Tim and I attempt to make our way past him and back down into the cubicles.. maybe the floor tiles will lift? Our plan is soon thwarted. The rest of the men Tim and I downed, are getting back up. We don’t want to push past, although seemingly docile each and every single one of them has their bloodthirsty eyes looking straight at us. I tremble and take a step back, i tread on Tim’s feet in the process and he grabs me putting his arms round my waist as we back up against the door. He is looking everywhere trying to find an escape route. He reminds me of an eagle searching for its prey, head twitching in every direction.

A grunt from the right soon grabs our attention to that way. The larger man twists his head to the side then with a single, jolty motion rips across his stomach with his bare hands and rips it open. Blood and gore flies everywhere. The rest of the men, still standing where they originally got up, follow his lead. Various limbs are ripped off, blood splats on my face as i scream and bury my head into Tim’s arm. As i try to get closer to Tim my foot slips and slides; i cant get my balance. I look down to see that i am standing in a river of blood as the men are scrambling to rip as much flesh off themselves as they can. Trying to master the fight or flight emotion i bolt out of Tim’s arms as i attempt to push past the large man and into the cubicles. My head just tells me to get out of there. hide. cry. I was so scared.

My attempt to push past didn’t work, the large man, zombie, whatever the hell he was grunts an ear-piercingly disgusting grunt and lunges for me. I push him but my hand sinks into warm oozing stomach. I flinch and recoil and stumble back to Tim who is still rooted to the spot trying not to attract attention from the rest of them like i stupidly had. But it was too late. The large man was heading our way, the rest of them also had the same idea. Soon we were in the middle of a tight circle, everywhere was bloody and we were out of ideas. They came closer and closer. Their hands were bloody, faces were bloody, pieces of stomach and intestine were littered over the floor and themselves. All i could see around me was red. One of them reaches me. I scream, never being so scared in my whole life.

And i wake up with a start. Tim is laying in bed with me back at home. I take a deep breath and kiss his shoulder and ask:

“Babe.. are you awake”

Tim is ALWAYS awake when i am for some reason.. and he responds with a yes.

“I just had a nightmare”

“Aww, its okay.. Youre silly. Gimme a cuddle you”

(then i REALLY wake up! It’s weird because im having a dream in a dream. When i really wake up im not with tim, nor am i at home.. im at uni! So was a strange dream indeed… but epic)